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Re: Re: U to L1 Band up convertor

 You can run much more of cable ... if the transverter is fitted together with 
the PA at the dish . You only have to run the pwr supply cable.
 My "cable tree" from the FT-847 to the dish is consisting of

             1.)12v pwr line ,
             3.)audio line for headphone to
                adjust the dish in single-op-mode
                XYL can sleep in nighttimes...no more disturbances by her OM

             4.)435 MHz  cheap and light coax from FT-847 to the OTX13
             5.)2401 MHz aircell 7 from the DB6NT preamp to the bias tee
             6.)1269 MHz 50cm of AIRCOMPLUS between PA and W0LMD-patch

        This works very well. More than 130 unique calls all over
        the world in three sessions ( total time 6 hrs)from EA6 in 
        October 2003



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