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Much better with hand held beams!

Built a cheap yagi 3 elements for 2mtrs and a 70 CM Handi Tenna I saw on
another web site. What a differance. I used my Icom T-81A to listen to the
signal from AO16 Pacsat and AO 19 Lusat. My reception here in Southern
california of AO 16 was full quieting at times on both nights. My reception
of Lusat was very good as well. I could hear the cw carrier. I am not that
familiar with the hand held and do not know if it has a cw mode.

My reception of NOAA 15 and 17 works fine on the three element beam. I
started work on a Quadrifilar helix for weather reception and will try
building for the ham sats to see how it performs.


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