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Re: Hum help (Was Radio Shack Attenuators)

At 10:55 AM 11/6/03 -0600, "Reicher, James" <JReicher@hrblock.com> wrote:
>Speaking of blank stares, I've got a 12V, 20 amp power supply that is
>generating a hum.  I understand that I can put a capacitor across the
>positive and negative terminals.  How big a capacitor should I use?
>73 de N8AU, Jim in Raymore, MO

I'd replace them with the same size filter caps that are already in 
it.  There's probably a couple of them.   Then, Call Mouser or Digikey for 
the replacements.   Radio Shack won't have any electrolytic caps that 
large, but they might be able to special order you some after you explain 
to them what a capacitor is.

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