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Re: Nova update keps problem (SOLVED!!!!)

The "Help" button on the "Could not connect to the internet because a system
file was missing or
obsolete." dialog suggested the following ...


"Error : Missing DLLs

Nova for Windows is able to connect to the internet for downloading
Keplerian elements or accessing our Web site. In order to do this, it uses
some functions provided by Windows. Unfortunately, these functions require
the presence of Microsoft Internet Explorer ver 4.0 or later. Although Nova
for Windows does not use I.E., some of the files that I.E. installs are
essential for internet access.

If you encounter an error message that says that WinINet.DLL or ShlWAPI.DLL
are missing, it is because your installation of Windows lacks these files or
they are obsolete. Try downloading these files:


UnZip these files and place their contents in the \Windows\System folder.
This will replace files that are currently there with the latest version
from Microsoft.

It may be necessary to begin a DOS session in order to replace ShlWAPI.DLL
because it will be already in use by Windows. Updating these files will have
no adverse effects on Windows."


... but the two links are invalid - so I copied the two files from my other
Nova system which is working - I had to boot off of the WIN2K CDROM and copy
them using a repair console since they were in use. After all this - still

As Michael Owen suggested I did a "Windows Update" in Internet Explorer and
after installing "Windows Media Player 9" the Nova download once again
worked - obviously the right DLL(s) was/were copied then.

Don't you just love Windoze!!!!!????


Don Woodward

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>What DLL's does Nova install/need?
It's difficult to list them out, and even more difficult to know which
one of yours is "missing or obsolete."  May I suggestthat you update
your Internet Explorer first, as this is an easy way to ensure that all
your internet-related files are current.  If that doesn't work, then
it's going to be very difficult indeed.


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