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Re: 6 dB attenuator as a fuse

On Nov 5, 2003, at 12:41 PM, Wayne Estes W9AE wrote:

> Emily wrote:
> ...nor could it handle any power through it (which means put the 6db 
> attenuator/fuse between it and the transceiver.)
> Wayne replies:
> Has anybody PROVEN that the Radio Shack 6 dB attenuator will protect a 
> downconverter from accidental transmission?  That is, does the 
> attenuator (fuse) ALWAYS open up BEFORE any devices in the 
> downconverter are damaged?
> I suppose there could be a different answer for each model of 
> downconverter.
> Wayne Estes
> Mundelein, IL, USA

Funny you should ask.  Just last night I was trying to talk on a 2M 
repeater and couldn't understand why I wasn't making the 

Here is my setup:

ICOM 910H (I was transmitting on High power)
100' Of RG6
RS -6 db Attenuator
AIDC Downconverter

The Downconverter is fine and I replaced the Pad and all is well.
Unfortunately I have done this twice so far.
I have never damaged the DC.


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