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two subjects

Firstly , thanks to everyone for all the advice regarding the dual helix
feeds for 2.4 and 1.2 ghz, the 6 turn feed is now completed and will be
installed on the 2mtr dish AFTER I have the TY in the bag !!
Secondly can anyone tell me why Leila runs for 20-50 seconds when the sat
pass covers the US and only ever for a few seconds on EU/ ASIA passes.
It seems a bit strange that it is always so, seems to disadvantage contacts
with stateside.Down here in VK it is very noticable.
Can anyone explain please. I also noticed my signals this morning were very
low compared to normal , but there were at least 6 or 7 stations on the sat
with signals virtually the same as the beacon, is this the sat agc
I'm still a newbie to all this and some questions cant be answered on the
internet bbs systems.
73 de Keith VK6XH

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