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432 MHz dish feeds for EME use

I see that a typical 432 MHz dish feed is a dual dipole over a reflector
/ backplane arrangement ( this is called the EIA feed ??? ). Also, most
432 MHz EME operations are linear polarized ( why is this so if there is
always a problem of faraday lockout, why not go circular to eliminate
this problem ??? ).


If there are only two diploes used for the feed, are they both at the
same polarization or at right angles to each other to achieve switchable
polarization ???

I have seen on the web a design that utilizes a full wave 25.5 inch loop
over a reflector / backplane arrangement, how does is compare to the
dual dipole design ???

What is the f/d dish limits for these feeds ???

K7XQ   Jeff   Atwater, CA.
Grid: CM97qi
EME, Satellites, Meteor Scatter
JT-44, FSK441 ( WSJT ) , CW

144 MHz: 2 X 2MPX20's H/V 16 dBd & 2 X 2M12 3 W.L.  H only 15 dBd 800
Watts single 3CX800A7
( looking for two more 2MPX20's to make four total )
Initials: 61

432 MHz: 4.3 meter dish 21 dBd 800 Watts 2 X 4CX400A7
Initials: 5

1296 MHz: 4.3 meter dish 30.5 dBd 150 Watts 2 X 2C39 water-cooled ( soon
400 Watts single GS15B  )
Minimum dish elevation of 20 degrees 
Initials: 22

10348 MHz: 4.3 meter dish
Project for 2004 !
Initials: 0

K7XQ Homepage: http://www.elite.net/~k7xq/k7xq.html

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