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TY Update - East Coast window

At 12:09 AM 11/4/03 -0800, Vladimir Vasilev wrote:
>Hello All!
>All the set up for satellite operation of 5N0EVR has
>been dismantled. The trip to TY is scheduled for
>Friday morning November 7th. I hope to be QRV in the
>evening as from 20.00 UTC from Cotonou, Republic of
>Benin. The grid locater will be JJ16fi.
>Thank you.
>Vladi, TY/LZ3XV

Hi Vladi,
         I plan on being on at 0200z on the 8th, when the window opens up 
for me. From my quick calculations, it looks like folks east of the 
Mississippi (up to about 86d W) will have a brief window with you. Staions 
further to the west will have a 1 hour window while stations to the east 
will have upwards of a 3 hour window. During that time it looks like we can 
expect decent squint angles, 4.7 being the lowest for me and as low as 1.2 
for you! There probably won't be a crowd on, but there will be a few of us 
since it is an early window for us (9pm for me).


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