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Re: Field Day Advice Needed

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From: "ANTHONY JAPHA"  Subject: [amsat-bb] Field Day Advice Needed

> Greetings,
> I'm just starting to plan for Field Day, and would appreciate any advice
> an AO40 dish/converter combination.  It should be the smallest reliable
> dish.  I'll be using an FT-847 and 8 or 11-el yagi for the 432 uplink.
> I've been active on the low birds and have followed the Amsat bb for some
> time, but have never tried AO40.  Next FD seems like to time to try it,
> though I've seen that many ops use too much power and it's hard to get
> the bird.
> Will the K5GNA setup, with a grid dish and dipole feed with AIDC 3731
> converter do the trick?  Or a dish even smaller?

Hi Tony,
I'd recommend trying it BEFORE field day and getting used to it before
jumping into the fray. Get the biggest dish you can afford/transport/point
and one of Bob's great AIDC D/C's and you will not be sorry. My personal
feeling is that a 3 foot dish is about the perfect balance. It can be done
with smaller, but you'll appreciate the leap in performance around 3 feet,
and all the little nuances in the feed and such don't have to be perfect
(something most forget when throwing around gain numbers). The grid dishes
are neat, but suffer from high thermal noise, a poorly performing linear
feed (in most cases), and other issues. However, you can take one of these
and make it a 3 foot circular dish, and add some screen and a circular feed
and do wonderfully. http://members.aol.com/k5oe/K5GNA_dish.htm  Take a look
at www.g6lvb.com for some really good stuff as well. Good Luck and feel free
to ask me any follow up questions, or the list.

I'll get off the soapbox now and start looking for incoming tomatoes.

73, Drew KO4MA

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