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Here are some notes about the M57762 PA module which has had a mention on
the BB recently :-

The M57762 is a Mitsubishi device, not Toshiba.

The M57762 is no longer being manufactured, altough there are still plenty
available from various stockists around the world.

The RA18H1213G data sheet can be found at


The RA18H1213G is not a direct replacement for the M57762 - the RA18H1213G
requires a 5V bias voltage, and has a maximum input power of approx 120mW,
probably less for linear use.  This is approximately 7dB less than for the

Mitsubishi recently merged their digital semiconductor business with
Hitachi, forming a new company called Renesas.  Mitsubishi have subsequently
re-located a number of  their semiconductor production lines, and this has
had a severe impact on the availability of new PA modules.  The most
optimistic forecast is that the RA18H1213G will be sampled to selected
commercial customers around Christmas, but this is not guaranteed and is
several months behind the original schedule.

The RA18H1213G is specified as being linear, although the preliminary data
sheet gives no mention of just how linear this new module will be.

On paper, the RA18H1213G looks like a potentially great part for L-band use,
but we will have to wait a little longer to find out, and it will not be a
simple 'drop-in' replacement for the good old M57762.


Grant Hodgson

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