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anechoic chamber free to good home

A friend of one of our club members, is closing an antenna business he has
had for many years, and is donating much of the test equipment to our club.
In addition to test equipment which reaches into the Ghz range, he also has
available an anechoic chamber.
I have not seen this myself, but it was described as about 8' x 10' on the
front, and extending about 20' to a point, i.e. it's a trapezoid laid on one
side. There's a positioning fixture mounted about midway in the enclosure.
Supposedly, the wall sections come apart. Of course, each wall section has
anechoic foam attached, and so handling each section has to be done with
some care. But it can be moved by trailer.
Why am I telling you all this? Well, at this point, our club has no use for
the chamber, so it's basically "free to a good home". If the gentlemen who
has this doesn't get some kind of positive response in the next few days, he
will begin disassembling it and tossing it into a dumpster.
The location is Southern Maryland - near Leonardtown to be exact. If someone
were interested, arrangements could probably be made to store the unit until
it could be shipped to its new home. We'd have to talk about the details of
such a move, but let's cross that bridge if we come to it.
In the meantime, the individual who owns all this, has to be off the
property by the 15th of November, so fast action is definitely required.
If anyone on the BB is interested in the chamber, please contact me via
email and I'll make the proper introductions. I've been thrust into the
middleman position here because the folks who have been down to Leonardtown
and seen the equipment, are out of town and unavailable for a couple of
At some point, we'll also have an inventory of the test equipment itself.
It's currently still in racks, in a local storage facility. But for now, the
time critical item is the chamber.
Best 73s,
Art, N3OY
VP, Columbia (MD) Amateur Radio Assn

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