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Re: FT1Z on AO-40 in 2004

> Thank you Jean-Louis, for the info.  However MOST of us in North America
> will again be left out of this operation because of the AO-40 orbit.  I
> have looked ahead via InstantTrack and find that only the very north east
>  and north west corners of the continent will have any window and that
> will be very limited and short.

Actually Frank, only the center of NA is left out. I see possible windows
from Vegas/Spokane west and Cincinatti/Indy east assuming both sides can
work to the horizon. This covers the major population centers quite well.
I'd say most WILL have a shot, especially if they can go portable to a good
low horizon or high elevation location.

Look at tonight at 0135Z 11/3/2003. The entire east coast from Tallahassee
to Chicago has a window.

73, Drew KO4MA

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