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Re: Toshiba M57762 Power Module


Yaesu returned my 1.2 Ghz module, less the PA module, circuit board, relay
and all other components in the PA enclosure.  I am still workin with them
to return the missing parts.

The new Mitsubishi RA18H1213G module appears attractive as a replacement.
However, I have been unable to locate a data sheet.  RF parts has it listed
but doesn't have the data sheets on line.

According to RF Parts, the efficiency of this module is 20% versus 30 to 40%
for the M57762.  I am concerned about overloading the 736 switching power

Do you have any comments or suggestions on a source for the data sheets for
this part.

73 de Ken - K5GUU
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From: "Jari Koivurinne" <jari.koivurinne@virpi.net>
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Sent: Sunday, October 12, 2003 12:33 AM
Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] Toshiba M57762 Power Module

> > Hello Everyone,
> >
> > My 1.2 Ghz module for my FT-736 has apparently gone south.  Yaesu
> > repair service reccomends relpacement of the Toshiba M57762 Power
> > Module at
> > an estimated repair cost of $420.  Ouch!  I am considering replacing the
> > module myself.  Anyone have suggestions on a good source of these
> > modules?
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Ken - K5GUU
> >
> >
> Hello Ken!
> Ask RF PARTS. (www.rfpars.com) They have a MOSFET-replacement of M57762.
> It is called RA18H1213G. Price is about 78.25. Note that this module needs
> only
> 10mW of drive so a little attenuator somewhere is needed. The module is
> linear than the old M57762. You can get allmost 20W of linear power
> to
> 12W for M57762. (and not so linear!!)
> -Jari

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