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Re: Cheap Yagi

The weather satellites are easy to hear and get started with tracking.

The problem, is that if you want a pretty, shiny, complete image you cannot
have ONE SINGLE burst of static, interference or anything for the entire 15
minute pass .  So after you track them for a while, using a gain antenna
starts to make sense.  With some gain you will get a nice picture when other
antennas are dropping into the noise.  With a lot of gain the pictures get
even better.  So, later on you may want to get a better antenna, but for
starters a Quadrfilar helix is probably your best  choice...or use your 2
meter antenna to start with.

Grant Zehr  AA9LC

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> Mike "hobergenix" <hobergenix@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> >I have looked at this design and this is a great first time anetnna. I
> >just wondering how to modify it for weather sats?  .......

> >Unfortunatly for now I am without an swr meter to fine tune it.
> You don't want to use a beam for weather satellites:
> circularly polarized crossed dipoles, a turnstile, or a
> quadrifilar helix will have the weather satellites booming in.
> Their downlinks are loud, and are intended to be heard...
> Laura Halliday VE7LDH

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