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Re: Cheap Yagi

Mike "hobergenix" <hobergenix@sbcglobal.net> wrote:

>I have looked at this design and this is a great first time anetnna. I was
>just wondering how to modify it for weather sats?  Is their any type of
>formula to go by to modify it for the weather sats. I will use threaded 
>rod and wooden boom. I can buy the rod in 3' lenghts for about 1.90. I also
>found round spacers to extend the rods as well. I will not bend the rod on
>the end but just connect it together with a jumper and some ring terminals.
>Unfortunatly for now I am without an swr meter to fine tune it.

You don't want to use a beam for weather satellites:
circularly polarized crossed dipoles, a turnstile, or a
quadrifilar helix will have the weather satellites booming in.

Their downlinks are loud, and are intended to be heard...

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