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Echo fundraising idea

Hi Robin and BOD members,

Since Toronto I've been giving serious thought to the idea of how to raise
money for Echo's launch. What do you think of a letter writing campaign
undertaken by AMSAT-NA area coordinators to local clubs using a sort of
personalized letter but using "official" wording specific to asking for the
donation? We could offer in return for funds to be used for launch a
demonstration or a presentation at a club meeting at some date after launch.
Someone mentioned at the general meeting that they had never heard of a
request like this turned down at a ham club....most have fairly good reserve
funds and are generous.

There would be some grunt work involved, and it may be the biggest
utilization of area coordinators we've ever had, but I think it has the
potential to be huge. Lots of areas have a club council of sorts where we
could get addresses and such online. We could have a standard ECHO
presentation, probably based on Ricks PowerPoint presentation, for the A/Cs
to give in return. I count roughly 175 area coordinators. If each one could
get 1 club to donate $100, that's a fair chunk of the total! I would think
in many areas it would be possible to do even better than that, with either
more than one donation, or larger clubs upping the amount.

I'd certainly be willing to help organize this effort. Let me know what your
thoughts are.

73, Drew KO4MA

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