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TY via AO-40

Hello to All Space hunters!
I am very glad to inform you that finally today,
October 31st 2003 I have been granted a license to
operate from the Republic of Benin - TY! Therefore my
monthly efforts, (kept in secret until today) have
succeeded. My intention is to organize a DX Expedition
to this unknown to so many people tiny country in West
Africa. I will be active on HF from 80 mt until 10 mt,
as well as on 6 mt. However my main task is to bring
TY on AO-40! Unfortunately, I was not aware that the
satellite will be shut down at the end of November
this year, therefore there is not so much time left. I
am planing to be QRV from the republic of Benin next
weekend Nov 7th till Nov 9th and eventually the
weekend after. The conditions are getting worse day by
day so there is no time to loose at all. I am planing
to leave 5N by the beginning of December and I am not
so sure if I will come back here in Lagos. Furthermore
I have to do some tests on my satellite equipment as I
do experience some problems at present and I am not in
position to be QRV. I do not believe that I will be
any longer QRV via AO-40 as 5N0EVR. So thanks a lot to
all of you who made QSO with me and I hope that I
managed to bring a little joy in the harts of so many
satellite DX hunters!
So if everything goes well I will be QRV from the
Republic of Benin via AO-40 as TY/LZ3XV (LZ3XV is my
home call sign). This will be for a very limited time
as I will not have the chance to stay there longer
than one or two weekends. 
I will keep you updated for all the status of the
planned DX Expedition.
Thank you very much and I hope to hear you via AO-40.
Vladi, 5N0EVR  

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