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Re: Cheap Yagi

Hi Mike,

> I have looked at this design and this is a great first time anetnna. 
> I was just wondering how to modify it for weather sats?  Is their 
> any type of formula to go by to modify it for the weather sats.

If you build the antenna for the ham band it will likely work OK
for just receiving the wx satellites.  You might run into some
problems trying to match a transmitter to antenna that's far out
of tune ... but for casual listening just get a signal to the receiver
and you'll likely be copying OK.  (Just don't tell the receiver that
you're flying by the seat of your pants.)  And, you won't be trans-
mitting anyway so no need to sweat that detail.

Another benefit to building the antenna to its published specs is 
that you'll have a ham band antenna ready to go (tx and rx) when 
you QSY from wx satellites back over to the ham bands.

Yup, there are ways to optimize the setup but you'll be surprised
at some of the lashups that hams call successful ... and its just
fun to tinker.

73 de JoAnne WB9JEJ
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