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Re:L band antenna configuration

>This was the planned configuration.  Is this is the actual configuration?
>Both L band hi gain and low gain
>are connected together?

I'm not sure exactly where you're quoting from. Echo? AO-40?  I would doubt 
that the antennas are directly connected together, but rather have 
intervening pre-amps (see below).  This is a good option when there's no 
transmit function, as on L-band.  AO-40 is wired this way:

     OMNI --->|Pre-amp#1|---\
                            C|---->L-band receiver(s)
   HiGain --->|Pre-amp#2|---/

  C= splitter (combiner)

..whichever pre-amp is powered, that's the signal you get. Powering off the 
other pre-amp effectively isolates that antenna.  No moving parts to break.

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