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Re: IT???

At 9:09 PM -0800 10/30/03, w7lrd@juno.com wrote:
>I am using IT 1.50.  I want to print the "satellite visability schedule"
>that's #4 from the main menu.  I can't figure it out even with the
>manual.  need help.

InstantTrack doesn't support printing that screen. The only way to 
capture it is to use the PrintScreen key (or equivalent).

If you're under Windows, PrintScreen captures the screen to the 
clipboard. You will then need to paste it into an application before 
you can print it. If you're running in a Window on the Windows 
desktop, you can capture just the active window using 
Alt-PrintScreen, and whatever you capture will become a bitmap 
graphic. You'll need to paste it into a paint/photo program before 
you can print it. If you are running full-screen, you'll capture 
plain text that can be pasted into NOTEPAD and printed from there.

If you're under MS-DOS, PrintScreen normally goes directly to the 
printer. There are TSR utilities you can install to capture to a file 
instead. Search for PRN2FILE.

73  -Paul
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