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RE: Longevity-sat proposal

> >in radio or satellites has fallen on deaf ears: "but Uncle 
> Dan, we don't need
> >that stuff, the internet is so much more cool...."

We in VK have one advantage.  Mention the Outback and being able to keep in
touch - something the average Joe can't do with the Internet, but something
the average ham can do with HF or AO-40. :-)

The visual stuff (SSTV, etc), can really impress under those circumstances.

And another funny quote a few years ago.  A contractor who used to work for
us here came up to me, looked at the HT and said "You talk to spacemen on
that thing"?  To which I replied, "As a matter of fact, I do".  This was
around the time of the last Mir crew, and I had managed to have a very brief
QSO as it was going over the horizon.  :-)

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