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Younger satellite operators (was Longevity-Satellite)

Some of us that are into satellites are 18....

Actually one of the reasons that I'm more interested in satellites than 
other aspects of ham radio is that they are technically interesting even 
to those of us of the "internet generation."  Amateur radio must and is 
evolving to attract newer generations of radio operators.  Radio and 
computers are becoming more and more intertwined and the new 
possiblities resulting from this mix are what some of us younger hams 
find very interesting.  For example, the idea of sending audio over 
AO-40 in a 3600bps digital voice stream is a modern day radio 
technological challenge that I have found very interesting thus far.  
But even  the move conventional aspects of radio can be 'pretty cool,' 
you'd be impressed at the number of my fellow (college) classmates that 
are willing to help me carry a primestar dish up five flights of stairs 
just to check out AO-40.  "You mean he's really in Spain?!?!"

As the operators change, so will radio---and I'm quite excited to see 
what comes of it.
-David Carr

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