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AO-40 uplink

So after getting my recieve setup working and spend a few nights 
listening its time to answer a few of those CQ calls.  My principle 
question is:  Do I want a helix or crossed-yagis?  My recieve dish is a 
primestar mounted on a hombrew az-el platform --- it could handle either 
antenna.  As far as size goes anything less than 8-9 feet is okay.  Thus 
far I have no all mode 70cm radio or amplifiers, how can I choose a 
point between lower TX power and big antenna and high TX power smaller 
antenna?  I might use this antenna as  the downlink for other sats 
occasionally.  This leads me towards the yagis, however I'm eagerly 
awaiting the opinions of the list.

David Carr

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