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Longevity-sat proposal

I had a thought, and that is what about a satellite with the
following properties.

1.  No batteries.  Design from the start to live off of power
from the solar cells.  This means the satellite could live beyond the
life of existing batteries
2.  No microprocessor.  Do all the logic with chips with great big
fat gates that can survive a long time.  Or maybe use transistors.
3.  Only provide the simplest control.  Transponder On and OFF. That's it.
4.  Linear transponder with analog receiver and transmitter.
Would need to be carefully designed so that the frequency was stable as
the voltage went up and down.
5.  Omni antennas.  Assume tumbling and prepare for that in
advance.  Design it so if it tumbles it's still okay.
6.  Elliptical orbit.  The idea being without the CPU maybe it
could take a decent amount of radiation without melting down.
Simple stations could work it while low, and the big guns could
work it while high.
7.  Solar panels on all the sides.  So, that there's power to the
satellite most of the time.

I was just thinking of AO7 and how it works with no cpu
and no batteries, and well, why not make something that's
designed to work like this from the start?  The idea being that
if we accept limitations, maybe it could last a really long time.

Has this ever been considered?  I'm not a satellite guru at all --
so maybe I'm not aware of the 'horrible flaw' with this idea.
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