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Re: Help with Satellite IGate

Hello Ed,

Firs sorry for my english. I'm still learning.

On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Edward R. Cole wrote:


> While waiting for the Internet "boys" to figure out how to make my DSL
> connection work, I thought I would explore some ideas toward setting up a
> VHF satellite IG station. 

I'm also preparing to do this.

> With this in mind, I recently acquired an oldie-but-goodie 2m HT...IC-A2.
> Got it home and not too surprised to find it has no Tx power output (10mw),
> but the receiver is fine (0.18 uV SINAD).  If I understand correctly, I
> will only need receiving capability for an IG.

Yes it wil. Some rx premap will help.
> I can put up a turnstyle on my roof built from left-over pieces of a 2m
> Cushcraft yagi and install the radio in a plastic wx-tight box at the
> antenna and just feed 12v up and audio down.  It will be set on the PC-Sat
> 2m freq. for APRS.  Or would a 1/4 WL whip over ground plane be better?

I will use my home made RX antena for WX-SAT. In fact his calcualted for 
145 noe 137 band. This QHelix. He has excelent gain and is moderated easy 
to build. But this is not low profile type of anntena. Turnstyle antena 
have some deep fades in elevation plane if remmember corectly.

> I have an old P90-40Mb IBM Thinkpad laptop doing nothing so I found a
> PCMCIA ethernet card (from CDW) to feed into the Internet.  It appears (?)
> to be able to run under DOS.  It does run under win95 which I have in the
> laptop.

It will dot his job well. But i suggest You to think about replacing dos 
with linux. You will have new posiblites like remote shell (ssh), good 
packet filer and more. Recently i instaled some - about 20 pice. of advantech
boards who hase MediaGX 233MHz cpu with 32 MB ram as routers.
If You have problems instaling it, give me some info. I will help You.

> Not having a soundcard, I am looking for a cheap TNC and wonder if the
> Baycom BP-2 will suffice?  They say they support APRS now and AGW sw, but I
> believe it only runs under DOS.

If BP-2 is TNC-2 clone it will be working. Baycom like modems need more 
cpu power but i think it will work under some versions of jnos or linux.
> I need some suggestions on the best hdwr and sw to run for an IG.  I don't
> have much APRS experience except unattended beacons.  I am open to any
> suggestions or comments regarding the approach I have outlined.  I do want
> to keep costs and size down.

I alsow need some suggestions in this metter too. Please share what You 
dig in this metter. 
> 73, Ed - AL7EB
> BP40iq
> This IG will serve the Northern Pacific passes over Southcentral Alaska.

73, de Artur SP5QAN

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