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Help with Satellite IGate


While waiting for the Internet "boys" to figure out how to make my DSL
connection work, I thought I would explore some ideas toward setting up a
VHF satellite IG station.

With this in mind, I recently acquired an oldie-but-goodie 2m HT...IC-A2.
Got it home and not too surprised to find it has no Tx power output (10mw),
but the receiver is fine (0.18 uV SINAD).  If I understand correctly, I
will only need receiving capability for an IG.

I can put up a turnstyle on my roof built from left-over pieces of a 2m
Cushcraft yagi and install the radio in a plastic wx-tight box at the
antenna and just feed 12v up and audio down.  It will be set on the PC-Sat
2m freq. for APRS.  Or would a 1/4 WL whip over ground plane be better?

I have an old P90-40Mb IBM Thinkpad laptop doing nothing so I found a
PCMCIA ethernet card (from CDW) to feed into the Internet.  It appears (?)
to be able to run under DOS.  It does run under win95 which I have in the

Not having a soundcard, I am looking for a cheap TNC and wonder if the
Baycom BP-2 will suffice?  They say they support APRS now and AGW sw, but I
believe it only runs under DOS.

I need some suggestions on the best hdwr and sw to run for an IG.  I don't
have much APRS experience except unattended beacons.  I am open to any
suggestions or comments regarding the approach I have outlined.  I do want
to keep costs and size down.

73, Ed - AL7EB
This IG will serve the Northern Pacific passes over Southcentral Alaska.
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