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Nova 2.1v Crashes Builds 69 & 71

I've been trying to isolate the area that is causing Nova 2.1v to crash.  I 
haven't come up with an answer yet, except that the last dialog box the 
program puts out before Windoze 98 shuts it down is "Stack Overflow" with a 
click 'OK' button in it.   The stack overflow box is probably a result of 
the 25 to 30 "Parameter is incorrect" dialog boxes that popped up just 
before the Stack overflow box.   It might track normally a day, or two or 
three and then *BAM* the error occurs.

My Nova Setup: I'm tracking four satellites on the medium sized rectangular 
map.  No shading of any footprints. No gray line. Only one observer. The 
Groundtrack is on for the first satellite only which is AO-40. The floating 
auto tracking antenna and doppler boxes for AO-40 are also displayed.

When the error occurs, the background map flashes on and off,  but the 
satellite's SSP, footprints, and first satellites ground track are not 
affected. Then you get the 25 to 30 "Parameter is incorrect" dialog boxes, 
Then finally the "Stack overflow" dialog box, then Windows shuts the 
program down.

Anyone else have any observations on this?


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