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Re: AO-40

On Mon, 27 Oct 2003 04:45:05 -0800
Bill Greene VE7WFG <bgreene@telus.net> wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> I have been looking at he AO-40 DL page and I have some questions I
> hope I could get some feed back on about the satellite.
> 1. I see that the Wheels are labelled as commissioning . What does
> that mean they have not worked yet ??? I thought they were and that is
> how they control attitude changing alon/alat ?

They have been tested and seem to work, however I don't believe they
help is the satellite is in spin mode.

> 2. The chart says the Solar array is not deployed but yet it shown as
> functional/operational ? Is this not the solar arrays referred to in
> the chart?

It means that the two solar pannels that pop out and point at the sun in
3-axis mode are still wrapped around the satellite.

> 3. Now having asked that question brings me to my next question will
> the solar arrays ever be deployed ? 

They will only work well if the satellite is in 3-axis mode.  They won't
generate enough power in spin mode.

The problem is there are several things that need to work for the
satellite to go into 3-axis mode:

1. The wheels need to work.  If they stop, the satellite will start
2. Both solar panels need to deploy correctly.  If one does and the
other doesn't the satellite will start tumbling.  Once they do deploy,
the satellite won't generate enough power in spin mode, so if wheels
fail there are problems.  There is also no way to undeploy the panels
once they are deployed.
3. They need to make sure the software/wheels can handle the mystery
4. Because of the "event" they aren't real sure what works and what

So, the problem is if anything goes wrong, we lose the satellite.
My feeling is wait for either eagle and/or P3E so there is a replacement
up there and then they might try it.

> 4. I see the V-Rx is functional/operational , well what do we do with
> the V-Rx or is that half of something that has failed and really will
> be no use to us, or can it be patched through to some other area for
> example be able to go up on V and down on S1 ?

I thought they did some of this in the past.  I also believe they are
using V to do some of the commanding of the sat.

> 5. I see the V-TX is labelled as more tests to do, when will that
> happen and what will that give us ? Will this allow us to use mode B
> operation where we go up on U and down on V ?

Don't remember.
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