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re: AO-40

The short answer to question about solar panels and momentum wheels has
been posted earlier, and here's my recollection about it.  Both operations
have inherent risks in them, and i think they want the momentum wheels to
be working before they deploy the solar panels.  There is some question
about exactly what damages were sustained during the unfortunate incident
in the process of boosting AO-40 into a stable orbit.  So the degree of
risk is unknown in activating either subsystem.  (For example, trying to
activate the momentum wheels might leave the satellite pointing in a
direction where it can no longer be commanded, or where it might takes
months to attempt to recover it).  Given that this is our only functional
high earth orbit satellite right now, the command team wants to wait until
we have another bird in such an orbit before attempting to activate either
of these subsystems.

Much better information is in the AMSAT Journal and i suggest you try
to get a copy of that article, as the above information may not be that 
accurate or complete.

Anyone know about the status of "RF-RX" (or RUDAK, which apparently has
not been activated in the past five or six monthes)?

				   -- KD6PAG
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