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Re: AO-40

Hello Bill,

Monday, October 27, 2003, 12:45:05 PM, you wrote:

> I have been looking at he AO-40 DL page and I have some questions I hope
> I could get some feed back on about the satellite.

> 1. I see that the Wheels are labelled as commissioning . What does that
> mean they have not worked yet ??? I thought they were and that is how
> they control attitude changing alon/alat ?

> 2. The chart says the Solar array is not deployed but yet it shown as
> functional/operational ? Is this not the solar arrays referred to in the
> chart?

> 3. Now having asked that question brings me to my next question will the
> solar arrays ever be deployed ? 

It seems to me that you are not reader of the AMSAT journal. In the recent
issue 26/5 you can find an article translated from the German AMSAT-DL
journal in which it is explained. Maybe one of your friends can help you
out with the journal. If you have no access at all I can send the text to
you in a personal mail.

> 4. I see the V-Rx is functional/operational , well what do we do with
> the V-Rx or is that half of something that has failed and really will be
> no use to us, or can it be patched through to some other area for
> example be able to go up on V and down on S1 ?

V-Rx is functional but sensitivity is very low so that groundstations need
high power to access. Thus the rx is of no practical use.

> 5. I see the V-TX is labelled as more tests to do, when will that happen
> and what will that give us ? Will this allow us to use mode B operation
> where we go up on U and down on V ?

Actually V-Tx is not working, but they never give up. Seemingly there is no
chance that it will come back to life.

> Thanks in advance to anyone providing answers and hope to work you on
> AO-40 in the future.

 Reinhard, DJ1KM
Webmaster AMSAT-DL

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