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re: NO-45 carrier every 20 seconds

Mike writes:
>I do know this much:  the reset works by sending an ASCII text file
>(converted to 1200 baud AFSK tones, not AX.25 packet).  
>I'm writing all of this to make an offer:  if anyone out there has any
>easy way to generate the AFSK tones (like an old Bell-212) and access to
>an older Windows system (anything with 16-bit DOS), we might be able to
>recover Sapphire.  

Bell 212 tones for AFSK are easy to generate in software (via DSP)
on anything even close to a modern computer using only a soundcard.  
(I used to use a 40 Mhz laptop with a soundcard to Manchester 1200
baud packets to the Microsats.)  Generating AFSK tones in software
is NOT hard.   If I can be of help to you, let me know.

I'm only vaguely familiar with MixW, but it can probably generate 
the any AFSK tones at 1200 baud to do this too.

Question for you: if the reset can be done by just sending the right
collection of tones to the satellite, then why do you even need an 
old 16 bit Windows system?  Why can't you play the tones out of a 
soundcard on a modern system?  What piece/part only works on 
16 bit Windows?  

Anyway, let me know if I can help.  I think I have an old Windows 3.1
system collecting dust around here someplace.

Douglas KA2UPW
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