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RE: Question, FM on AO-40

On Thu, 23 Oct 2003, Gary Gonnella wrote:

> unless I am missing something basic 100 watts PEP into SSTV or RTTY is the
> same as 100 Watts on an unmodulated FM signal.

> If I am in the bandpass with no signals within 20Khz either side of me and
> my return signal is 10db below the beacon then I am not impacting the use of
> the satellite any more that a RTTY or SSTV of equal power.

But hearing your carrier is one thing.  Hearing a modulated FM signal
takes proabaly 20 dB more power.  Or said another way.  If it takes you
100W (and a proportional transpondre power) to comunicate on FM, then you
are using the same power as 10 other PSK-31 or RTTY users could be using.

No one wants to hog the shared power when you can communicate effectively
with much less...

de WB4APR, Bob

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