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Re: Question, FM on AO-40

On Thu, 23 Oct 2003, Gary Gonnella wrote:

> but why is FM forbidden on AO-40? .....
> I find it hard to believe that the average power level of FM would be any
> higher than the digital modes being used presently. RTTY and PSK31 have a
> constant carrier and SSTV has close to half of the bandwidth of FM.

Because they dont take *as much* power to be usable.  yes, they are
carriers, but for the same power, they are far more usable.  If users
started using FM, then they would CRANK THE POWER UP to be heard.
THus killing everyone else...

The PSK-31, (even thogh it is a carrier) is usable at probably 20 dB less
power than FM voice in a 15 KHz channel..  Thus FM voice is a HOG no
matter how you look at it...

 de WB4APR, Bob

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