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Re: ICOM AG 2400

At 07:05 PM 10/23/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Noted on the back of the latest Amsat Journal that ICOM has an S-band 
>downconverter to go with my new 910H.  Yet, I can't find anything about it 
>on ICOM's web site.

It sells for about $600.  The noise figure is 1.5db (which seems very high 
to me compared to the 1.0db for the AIDC 3731 and .6db for the Khune.

>Does anybody have any details on or experience with this thing?  Is it 
>worth pursuing?  Does it add any value (like 2400mhz readout on radio) 
>over using a drake??

You can find the manual on the Icom support page.  It does not readout 
2400mhz on the radio as it converts 2.4G to a 2M IF frequency.  So you are 
still tuning on 144.XXX +

>Thanks & 73,



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