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Timor Leste on AO40 Saturday morning?

The Timor Leste DXpedition is in the city of Dili, grid PI21si.  So they may not be able to access AO40 at very low elevation due to urban obstructions.  Consequently, Friday morning is the best window between Timor Leste and North America.

The Saturday pass has lower squint, but the maximum elevation for Timor Leste on Saturday is about 3 degrees.  It might be impossible for them to access AO40 during that pass.  They would probably be on if they can...

They are supposed to be there until October 28.  After Friday, the next good North American window is at 1230 UTC on October 28, but they might be packing up by then.

JA1ELY suggested Friday morning as their best window for working North America on AO40.  Time to call in sick?  Or say you had an emergency errand to run Friday morning?

Each operator has their own callsign and QSL route, but 4W4W seems to be the AO40 operator.  QSL 4W4W via JI1NJC.

Wayne W9AE
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