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RE: AO-40 on FT-100D???

Hi Eric

> I am putting together a station for AO-40...  The only All-Mode rig that I
> have right now is a Yaesu FT-100D.  I know that I won't be able to hear
> myself with this radio, but is anyone else using this radio as well?

Actually, you _will_ be able to hear yourself - kind of! The satellite delay
is long enough for you to be able to hear your downlink if you switch on
full QSK. I know Jerry K5OE has done this on his FT-100, and I have done it
a year or so ago using an FT-817 plus an amp.

On my 817, I operate split, and switch the QSK to the fastest it will go
(about 10ms if memory serves me right). I use the mic keys as a fast auto
keyer until I find myself and zero beat the downlink tone. Then I switch the
uplink to LSB and away I go. From Jerry's description I believe he uses a
similar method on his FT-100.

It works.

73, Howard G6LVB

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