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Question, FM on AO-40

I don't want to start a argument or propose changing operating practices,
but why is FM forbidden on AO-40? This is a question that I have been
pondering for some time and would like other opinions.

With the passband limited to SSB or CW I understand that the average power
usage is considerable lower then a mode that has a carrier such as AM or FM.
I find it hard to believe that the average power level of FM would be any
higher than the digital modes being used presently. RTTY and PSK31 have a
constant carrier and SSTV has close to half of the bandwidth of FM.
I understand that the bandwidth consumed by FM is much larger then the other
modes but band congestion is not generally a problem with the satellite.

Given that the wider signal does not interfere with another QSO I see very
little difference in power between FM and SSTV, and there is a lot of SSTV
activity on AO-40. If I am putting 100 Watts ERP in SSTV or FM the satellite
should not be able to tell the difference. I understand that the Signal to
Noise will be higher at receive because of the wider bandwidth but that is
not the point.

Just some thoughts to ponder.

Gary Gonnella W6RYO

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