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My First Year on AO-40...

Greetings to All,

One year ago today October 23, 2002, I made my first AO-40 QSO from
DN81kq.  I had been on from time to time from my Elmer's QTH (Joe, K0VTY,
EN11) using his station and getting to know a little about this bird.  In
this first year I have worked 753 unique call signs according to my
satellite logging program, Log-EQF.  It has been a great year meeting so
many new satellite friends and renewing old friendships from my AO-10 and
LEO days.  I have been an HF DXer for 40+ years but only a real satellite
DXer for this past year in that the LEOs didn't provide much "variety" in
the way of DX opportunities and AO-10, when I could access it, was
usually very difficult to work.  AO-40 has opened a DX window I didn't
think exsisted via satellite.  What challanging fun it has been.

Following is a break down of the 753 calls I've logged:  I log
electronically, only unique calls..no repeat contacts unless it's a
different mode such as same station on both CW,  SSB or /P in a new grid
locator. The no. 750+ represents different call signs...
These entities are one QSO each: 3DA0, 5N, 5T, 6Y, 7P, 8J1, A2, A7, CT3,
CU, CX, DU, EA6, FG, GD, GI, GJ, HK, HR, JD1, KH2, LY, NP2, S5, SV5, T8,
TA, TR, TZ, V3, VK9C, VP2E, VP6D, VR2, YL, and YO......
These entieies are two QSOs each: 5B4, 9Y, EA8, EI, FK, FM, FR, FY, GM,
HA, HL, KP4, LA, LX, OM, TK, UA0, YV & ZF.....
All of these entities have three or more QSOs each: 4X(3), CE(3), CT1(5),
DL(97), EA(16), F(40), G(20), GW(3), HB(9), I(39), JA(68), USA(214),
KH6(3), KL7(4), LU(6), LZ(3), OE(7), OH(4), OK(9), ON(15), OZ(4), PA(12),
PY(8), Eur. Russia(6), SM(5), SP(5), SV(3), Ukraine(3), VE(11), VK(28),
XE(8), YB(6), ZL(5), & ZS(9).......

Thanks to all who have helped make this first year aboard Oscar 40 so
memorable.  How can we possible have another year as great as the first??

73 to all.  Frank, K0BLT, DN81kq 

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