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Re: re: NO-45 carrier every 20 seconds

On Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 11:44:11PM -0700, John Mock wrote:
> My first ham project (aside from homebrewing myself a street-legal headset-
> mike so i could operate an HT safely while driving) was putting together 
> a minimalist packet modem for the Macintosh (since all of the other AX25 
> stuff was pretty much MSDOS oriented) from kit'ed up by the local radio
> club from a magazine article.  All of the digital matters were handled in 
> software and all the hardware really did was to convert levels to/from
> modem tones, i think maybe with a 3105.  I haven't powered it up in many
> years[*], but in principle it should still work, and it might only be 
> a matter of connecting up to a serial port and a radio, and just using
> MacTerminal to send the file instead of its usual KISS driver which
> encoded/decoded AX25 packets from a sychronous serial stream.

That appeared in 73, plus a correction in a following month's issue.
I still have them somewhere, but the author stopped maintenance of
the code long ago. Unlike PCs, most of the Macs of that era used
8530 HDLC-compatible chips for their Appletalk ports, so it was 
fairly easy to get them to do packet with a simple modem.

Mike W4LNA

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