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RE: re: NO-45 carrier every 20 seconds

Hello Michael and all sat friends,

We have the PK232 TNC (and others) to produce AFSK tones, if you need help 
with the Sapphire (NO-45) reset commands from here let me know.

73 de Gabriel
Amsat-YV Secretary


Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 17:13:53 -0700
From: <BobDonnell@arkalmus.com>
Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] re: NO-45 carrier every 20 seconds

Unless I'm mistaken, anyone with a PK-232 can accomplish this, by selecting
ASCII mode, ABAUD of 1200 baud (the on-air baud rate for ASCII), and the VHF 
wide-spaced modem.  If I recall right, the command would be "VHF ON" to 
this.  The data rate from the PC to the TNC should be higher than the on-air
rate.  Depending on the length of the file to be sent, correctly functioning
flow control might be necessary.  Hope that helps!

73, Bob, KD7NM

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>From: Michael Swartwout [mailto:mas@wustl.edu]
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>Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] re: NO-45 carrier every 20 seconds
>John Mock wrote:
> > Yes, i can confirm this.  I have heard NO-45 transmitting a pair of
> > bursts of apparently unmodulated carrier (consistent with length of
> > an AX25 UI packet) every N seconds each time i've listened in the
> > several weeks.
> >
> > -- KD6PAG
>That is Sapphire (NO-45)'s beacon; yes, it's just the carrier wave
>bursting on/off (the two pulses, as timed, are '00' according to our bit
>definitions).  That indicates that Sapphire is still working -- and has
>been the only thing we've heard for the past 16 months.  Sapphire has
>not responded to any connect attempts.  But with some help, we may be
>able to change that.
>We believe ('hope' is closer to the truth) that the problem is a
>software bit flip in the TNC.  (We have the same Kantronics model as
>PCSAT, without the luxury of two TNCs and without much power cycling to
>clear the memory.)  If so, then a hard reset of the TNC should clear the
>problem (the TNC code is stored in radiation-hardened chips).  If it's a
>hardware problem, then we're stuck with those bursts.
>We can force an external reset, but as is all-too-common with a student
>project, the parts necessary to send the reset signal were long since
>co-opted for other projects and the documentation is somewhat spotty.  
>I do know this much:  the reset works by sending an ASCII text file
>(converted to 1200 baud AFSK tones, not AX.25 packet).  I tested the
>reset many times in the mid-90s using PCPlus to upload the file and a
>TCM3105 chip under Win 3.1.  However, if you try to use this stuff on a
>newer (32-bit) Windows system, it crashes the terminal program.
>I'm writing all of this to make an offer:  if anyone out there has any
>easy way to generate the AFSK tones (like an old Bell-212) and access to
>an older Windows system (anything with 16-bit DOS), we might be able to
>recover Sapphire.  Sapphire doesn't do all that much (most importantly,
>he doesn't have any repeater capabilities), but there are a few toys (a
>digital camera).  Bob Bruninga may want to share some time (especially
>trying to tweak Sapphire into an APRS digipeater), but for the most
>part, the original spacecraft users don't have much use for it.
>So if someone's got the time, interest and the right tools, let me know.
>  Maybe we can put the vehicle to good use.
>-Mike Swartwout
>Sapphire operations lead (if you can call Sapphire 'operational')
>Michael A. Swartwout			mas@me.wustl.edu
>Assistant Professor 			work: 314/935-6077
>Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering	fax:  314/935-4014
>Washington University in St. Louis
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