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re: Looking for PSK, Manchester and 38.4 K baud Satellite soundcard program

    I am looking for a soundcard program that emulates a PacComm PSK-1
    modem. This is the modem that was used to operate AO-16 and LO-19 using
    SSB PSK on the downlink and Manchester AFSK FM on the uplink. Is there
    such a soundcard program that will do this ???

I'm not sure all of those protocols are supported, but look at:


'soundmodem' is open-source and runs under LINUX, Windows, SUN, etc.  A
Google search will probably find too many matches and you'll need to
limit it somehow.  Documentaton is not its strong point, though.

    Also, What soundcard program will work with the 38.4 K baud FM
    satellites ???

Nyquist says you'll need a sampling rate of 80 KHz at the very least
even to have a chance of decoding that (100 KHz would be better).  I
don't think you'll find that in a sound card.

The bigger problem is that you'll need a radio with a IF that's just
about as wide.  They exist, but they're priced like instrumentation
rather than amateur radios.  That's why MO-46 doesn't get talked about
			       -- KD6PAG
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