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re: NO-45 carrier every 20 seconds

My first ham project (aside from homebrewing myself a street-legal headset-
mike so i could operate an HT safely while driving) was putting together 
a minimalist packet modem for the Macintosh (since all of the other AX25 
stuff was pretty much MSDOS oriented) from kit'ed up by the local radio
club from a magazine article.  All of the digital matters were handled in 
software and all the hardware really did was to convert levels to/from
modem tones, i think maybe with a 3105.  I haven't powered it up in many
years[*], but in principle it should still work, and it might only be 
a matter of connecting up to a serial port and a radio, and just using
MacTerminal to send the file instead of its usual KISS driver which
encoded/decoded AX25 packets from a sychronous serial stream.

Under LINUX, there is probably some way to use the 'soundmodem' software
to do the same thing, i just couldn't find the documentation for it.

You'll probably get a more easily understood solution from one of the PC
folks, but let me know if you still need some help on this.  It would
be great to hear Sapphire sending packets again (maybe even digipeating
		         -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)

[*] It was used to run homebrew APRS (written in CommonLisp[!]) on a Mac 
laptop about ten years ago, but its screen died about five years later.  
When it ran, it had auto-converted street level USGS maps for much of the 
SF Bay Area, at a time everyone else was still using the hand-massaged 
maps. It had a software TNC (whose binary i ended up patching to fix an
obscure bug); the Mac was never noted for having much open source software.
Lots of fun, though...
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