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Re: re: NO-45 carrier every 20 seconds

In a message dated 10/22/03 7:56:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time, mas@wustl.edu 

> I'm writing all of this to make an offer:  if anyone out there has any
>  easy way to generate the AFSK tones (like an old Bell-212) and access to
>  an older Windows system (anything with 16-bit DOS), we might be able to
>  recover Sapphire.

Doesn't UO-11 use the same modulation frequencies? Maybe one of it's 
controllers can help...otherwise I have original disks from DOS 3.3 up through Win 95 
(including Windows 2.0) that I can contribute to the cause...I almost would 
suggest a sound card driver however I can't remember if the early Soundblaster 
card drivers were robust enough in 3.1......

Must be a way...

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