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Re: IC-910H preamp power via coax cable?

Thanks for all the replies about using the IC-910H to power a downconverter
via the coax cable.

My DXpedition AO40 antenna system uses a AIDC3731 downconverter with the 12V
regulator disabled.  The current drain is low enough to be safely powered by
the little switching transistor in the IC-910H.  I will include a power
inserter as a backup in case something breaks, or in case they can't figure
out how to enable the preamp power on the 2m output.

The DXpedition operators will not be particularly familiar with the IC-910H
that is loaned from Icom.  Would anybody be willing to write a short IC-910H
tutorial (exact keystrokes) for the following?

1. How to enable the preamp power signal on the 2m output.
2. How to set the satellite VFOs for transmit on 435 MHz and receive on 145
3. How to enable/disable "reverse tracking".
4. How to tweak only the TX frequency while in satellite mode.


Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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