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OT - WX Sat WAV Files Needed


In an upcoming course I will be teaching in "Space Satellite
Technology", I am planning on including one activity that will
involve students in demodulating WX satellite WAV files into image
files (probably using the freeware app, WXSat).  Ideally, I would
like to employ a variety of WAV files, from a variety of satellites,
and from a variety of ground station geographic locations (not just
for educational purposes, but also for maximizing student interest).

I have previously tried searching on the Web for good sources of
such WAV files, but without much luck.  There are a lot of WX images
out there on the Web, but not too many "pre-image" WAV files.  I
found mostly only a few small "sample WX satellite sound" files,
useful for letting a listener hear what a WX satellite's signal
sounds like, but much too short to be useful for demodulation of
usable images.

I did put out a call (similar to this) on both the Remote Imaging
Group and the HearSat mailing lists, and I did receive some ~very~
helpful responses, mostly from Europe but also from the eastern US,
both as downloads and as CD's.  So, most of the sat passes that I
now have "on file" here are therefore of passes over Europe
(especially western Europe) and the eastern US (which is where I
am).  Keeping in mind that I would like to include as great a
variety of passes as possible, I am putting out a call here in the
hopes of obtaining some different WX satellite WAV files.

Yes, I know that this list is primarily for users of amateur radio
satellites, but I know that some hams are also fans of other
satellite technologies, so I'm hoping that my request might strike a
chord "somewhere out there in AMSAT land" - <g>.

So, I am hereby asking if anyone has any WX satellite WAV files
available that might be donated, in any of these categories:

1.  Especially from outside of the eastern US or western Europe,

2.  Of especially interesting weather events (hurricanes are always
spectacular for this purpose - <g>), OR...

3.  Of especially clear (as in cloudless) topography (something
that's not too common some places, I know).

I could either download the files, if anyone might be able and
willing to make such WAV files available on the Web, or I could
gratefully receive a CD by snail mail.  Please feel free to contact
me directly at fwcetus@erols.com .

Thank you very much for your help.  73,

Fred, K1FW, AMSAT LM-355
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