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Re: IC-910H preamp power via coax cable?

Wayne wrote:
>Is the IC-910H transceiver is capable of powering a downconverter via the 
>coax cable?
>I'm loaning my AO40 DXpedition antenna kit to a team that will use an 
>IC-910H, and I need to know whether or not to include a power inserter.

I would use the inserter that is matched to your downconverter.  Some 
downconverters may burn out the relays in the 910H because they draw too 
much current.  However, you will probably want to turn the radio off at 
some point.  Unfortunately this will also turn off the downconverter which 
will cause it to cool down.  When you turn the radio back on, the D/C will 
need to warm back up in order to stabilize.  So for that reason alone I'd 
have a separate power inserter and keep the D/C powered up all the time.



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