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AMSAT "Ambulance ChASING" ;-)


At the AMSAT general meeting, yesterday, members raised the perinnial(sp?)
topic of "what AMSAT should do" to improve its "media visibility".  It is
well known that AMSAT has not gotten the kind of publicity it needs to
maintain its growth despite valiant efforts by many.

My response was simply: "AMSAT is us.  So the question is what can WE do
to improve our media visibilty".  And I offered the following suggestion
to the general membership:  CHASE AMBULANCES! (tongue-in-cheek)...

1) Get out of your shacks.  Operate the satellites in the field, on
travel, on foot, at special events, and for emergencies.

2) Buy from AMSAT the necessary Decals and Stickers to clearly identify
your equipment and yourself as an AMSAT member and satellite ground
station.  Look good.

3) Chase the media!  Usually when anything happens these days, there is a
medial feeding frenzy of mobile satellite trucks that converge on any
number of venues with more reporters and media idiots than can possibly
cover the modicum of real news that most events elicit.  The result is the
media interviewing anyone unusual or the dog catcher and even themselves
while LOOKING for anything interesting to conver.  If you simply set up
your AO-40 dish (with AMSAT sticker on it) and use the opportunity to
establish a net with your fellow satellite users, my bet is that a
reporter with nothing else to do will take an interest in what-the-heck
you are doing with your own 1m dish and personal satelllite!

Operating AO-40 suitcase portable (or ANY of the other AMSATS) no longer
requires an OSCAR array!  You can work ANY bird we have from a good

These days, anyone with a portable SAT-PHONE must be someone important.
Look like one.  Represent your hobby well (or work behind the scenes or as
a base-station link to support those out there that can)...

de WB4APR, Bob

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