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BBQ Dish and G3RUH Patch Focal Point Help

  I have a 2' x 3' screened BBQ dish and a G3RUH Patch Feed.

  I can't seem to find the correct focal point for this

  I have tried 12 13 and 14 inches and there does not seem to be
much differance in the recieved sig.

  I might be able to make one more change up at the dish before
the weather forces a halt,

 my wife won't let me go up on the roof in the snow.

  Maybe the Ham's that have the same dish could post what they
use for a focal point, this might help more people than just me.

  By the Way, the dish is about 30 feet above ground when I have
it in the highest position, and 26' in the down spot, where I
can reach it from the roof.

           Thanks, Bruce K3CMZ
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