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AO-40 telemetry: just how simple can it get ?

Hi all AO-40 freaks !

nice pass yesterday morning on AO-40 (listening to
the US pass at KP30CR56), but also this morning from
home at KP20KF68. Today I used my 21 turn helix to
pick up signal levels exceeding the 90 cm dish ones
yesterday, _in_ our _living room_ through triple
glazing :-) With ALON/ALAT coming round at 21/0, the
conditions for post-apogee MA's are improving rapidly.

Also my W-LAN panel gave good copy on SSB signals,
2.25 turn RHCP helix ditto.

But most definitely best of all was copying error-free
telemetry packets from AO-40 using a vertically installed
RHCP Quadrifilar Backfire Helix on my modified Drake
2880 converter. The IF radio used was a modified Yaesu
FRG-9600 feeding DC via coax to the Drake. Copied
telemetry off and on all morning between other
experiments. With absolutely _no_ antenna pointing too :-)

The indoor receive installation with FRG9600 + Drake + 21
turn RHCP Helix:


The Drake & omnidirectional RHCP QBFH:


73's Michael, OH2AUE
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