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Whats the payload to fuel ratio for moon landing ?


Somebody knows if there is any formula to calculate the needed trust and 
fuel to put some lander on the moon surface ?

I know it depends on the kind of mission, but I just want to have some idea 
about the payload to fuel ratio. When I see pictures of moonlanders (or 
drawings), its more fuel-tanks than payload :o(

I'm better with electronics than with space-engines :o)

I view several landers on internet and I noticed that all landers use 
soft-landings on their feet, with about 2m per second final speed.
Does it matter lot of fuel when using a hard-landing ?? Lets say with 80m 
per second as final landing (its more like crashing hihi) speed... , and 
feet are extra weight, so we don't use any :o)

73 de PE1RAH,
Soon travelling around the world, but I will never stop thinking out some 
new ideas :o)

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